Au royaume de l'autodérision, quand 4 anglais à l'humour déjanté viennent déverser un pop-punk efficace et sans fioriture dans un festival qui ne se prend pas la tête, cela devrait nous donner une bonne heure de franche camaraderie pour cloturer le festival. Les anglais de MikeTV seront sur la scène du Lacuisine On Stage le samedi 13 juillet "Mike TV are England's answer to Green Day, pop punk is alive and well." - Big Cheese Magazine

"Punktastic described Mike TV as ‘the best pop-punk band in the UK right now’ last time around and there’s nothing to suggest anything else this time. As for the cover version: it’s bigger, faster, more poppy, sounds better, and is a whole lot more fun than the original. So there you have it: Mike TV, more fun than The Ramones." -

“Mike TV is a band you should definitely check out - they stand out from the pack with this quality fun release. Good times guaranteed.” –

“Mike TV took the crowd up a level with a performance which never fails to engage. This band has huge charisma, guitarist Jhon spends as much time off stage as on and they're loads of fun. Great tunes in a Green Day mould, they should be huge, take the chance to see them while you still can in venues like this one. They're a fantastic band and you'll have a brilliant time.” – Sandman Magazine